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German Classes in Bangalore


The German language is a mix of classic dialects and culture. It has crowned the position of second and third spoken languages in European countries and worldwide. In general, German is easy to learn and acquire because it owns the same generic root of English. So, if you know English it makes adds on the advantage of learning German quick and efficient.

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What is the importance of German Language?

There are many compelling points that lie directly in this category and some of the features of the German Language are as follows

The language is easy to access and acquire

  • This is the second most studied language worldwide and the language is an amalgamation of many other languages.
  • Additional to this, the German language is not a kind of fast running language and for learning this language with ease there is always a requirement of smart mind. So, one can acquire this language in a smart manner rather doing hard work.

The importance in the Academic section

  • Germany ranks third in book marketing after English and Chinese publishing industry. These books of German language have been used across countries, after being translated in different languages.

The German language opens the door for international higher education

  • Germany has multiple universities that provide deep and great knowledge in various subjects at an economical price. The tuition fee is one of the most prominent reasons why many candidates have to pull their legs back from going to international schools subsequently. However, this case of tuition fees is not with Germany.
  • This language at the better level would provide your overture as one of the smartest candidates in the interviews sections and also you would be able to find privileges in situations of limited seats.

The global market leaders

  • Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world and the biggest in the European Union.so it has become the major shelter for many globally recognized international companies.
  • Since they are on the front line of new inventions Berlin turning up to be the hub of startups. Hence learning the German language can open the entryways of working with greater firms and high-grade companies.

An online presenter

  • Being the king in most of the networking, schooling, universities and economical world, Germany is also a great presenter of online platform.
  • There are millions of domains that end with “de” and it would be shocking fact to know that over the internet the German domain works at the high-ranking domains. If you know German then you can easily access the 15 million websites of German language.
  • If counting in the absolute numbering then .de stands at the second position after .com So, these are glimpses of German language and there are lot more things that can’t be enlisted but can be experienced. However, for experiencing or imbibing the full knowledge of German language, you need to go for certain levels as the knowledge of German language is not confined.

How many levels are there in German Language?

There are 6 levels in the German language for having exertive and intense knowledge, you need to enlighten yourself first with these language levels.

The first level- A-level

Beginners start with A level of language which falls under two categories, A1 & A2 level :

  • A1 – Level-  This will make sure you answer all basic elementary standard of questions of the German language with ease.
  • A2- Level- This stage will teach you general words and conversations that you make in your real life with a wider vocabulary.


The second level- B-Level

Intermediate level of the German language can be enlightened in two layers, B1 & B2 level:

  • B1 – Level – This level would indulge and helps you gain knowledge in making error-free simple texts and writing in the German language.


  • B2 – Level- This stage gives you the experience of learning a variety of information and will make you take part in higher- grade discussions.  


The third level- C-Level

The advanced and final level of the German language can be classified as, C1 & C2 level :

  • C1 – Level –  In this stage, you will find the absolute skill of reading newspapers, literature books and also you can even prepare wonderful essays in the german language without any interruptions.C2- Level- This gives you the complete in and out of German languages. you may find yourself speaking fluently and found using idioms and phrases on speaking as well as writing with the elaborate use of typical German words.THE WHOLE COURSE OF C1 & C2-LEVEL GERMAN LANGUAGE TAKES AROUND 60 HOURS OF PREPARING.

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