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About SARA Learning Solutions

SARA LEARNING SOLUTIONS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Training Institute and a versatile institute that deals with all kinds of students and enlightens them to various aspects and competitions that they would be facing in their career pathway. We analyze the problem or complications that the student might be facing and eradicate it, by exposing them to the world. We play a phenomenal role during training and we don’t confine the pathways of studies or the students. We allow them to experience the wonderful taste of learning in different vertices. This is a small step to decide on your participation in Skillful India, but by making a meaningful effort with sincere and transparent thinking, we will continue to make every effort to achieve a milestone.

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SARA LEARNING SOLUTIONS offered the job oriented Courses which helps them to erect their future

Our ethical duty is to bring home-to-home education to the people. Education can help people to improve the standard of living and help in the development of both the country and it’s people. Without education, both the country and its people crumble as life becomes meaningless.

SARA LEARNING SOLUTIONS provides the Nursery Teachers Training, It is a Vocational Education to create ideal teachers & skilled candidates, to enable them to guide children in their primary age and to prepare them for higher education which in turn makes them good citizens of the country. SARA candidate will get the supportive hand for their Campus interviews within their surrounding areas, also with central govt and ISO certification.

English, as everyone knows, is a skill that can sling you to greater success in every sphere of life. Schools and colleges deal with English as a subject. SARA gears you with the skill of English & communication that will launch you into a brilliant life of exciting latitudes.

The Educational Surveys reveal the demand for Spoken English in Schools, Institutions & Workplaces across India

  • Prompt English speakers earn 40% more than others. SARA can help you earn more.
  • Around 45% graduates are not employable for any job due to scarcity of English language skills.
  • Indian population can speak in English, in which only 10% are considered fluent
  • And many more…

SARA LEARNING SOLUTIONS Foreign Language Course. The opted foreign Language is spoken from the very first day of the course. Apart from English, this is the language that is taught in every country. It is also one of the most learned and widely used foreign languages. There are multiple benefits of French Course: 

  • Learning French can open the door of working in gigantic international companies because France has the fifth biggest economy therefore, it is the third giant investor of the world.
  • French is the third language that is used worldwide.
  • The French language can be specifically remarkable as this will assist in communication and imbibing its expressively impressing beauty.
  • The first and foremost thing that this language reflects is its simplicity and serenity.
  • This language is also being called as the language of love and negotiation.
  • This language also assists in developing verbal skills and perfection in speaking

This is a polycentric language that has a combination of various languages and it also has its variants.  A few words are derived from English and French. In short, this language is the perfect blend of many major languages. This is the second most studied language worldwide and the language is an amalgamation of many other languages.

Germany ranks third in marketing books after English and Chinese book publishing industries. These books of German language have been used across countries, after being translated in different languages. The knowledge of the German language creates chance of working with bigger firms and high-grade companies. There are 6 levels in the German language for having exertive and intense knowledge.

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Dedicated Educators

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why most of our educators have achieved an advanced degree in their field. Our faculty are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their lessons.

First-Rate Curriculum

Are you a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between? Not to worry! We offer a variety of high-quality courses designed to prepare you for your next step. We offer placement tests to help match you to your skill level.

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage critical thinking and emphasize the learning process over rote memorization.


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